Meet the New Boss

As a musician since I was a child, I had the dream like the rest of us. I never realized that dream. I could have. There are multiple reasons why I never did. Why a young guy, good looking (Humor me),with the hair and the discipline that made me a great 80’s guitarist at the perfect time in the span of the hard rock genre, became nothing more than a guitarist in a few club bands. I’ve always felt I had something to offer, a place in the industry. I’m grateful I can offer it now. Something that can help the musician, the band, the singer songwriter. Why now? My success as a young guitarist in the age of record deals and excess would have killed me to be frank. MusiciansBook is my place. In a rapidly changing world of pursuing music success, this is what have to give. Never stop.


Fred Bair


You have to be Buffalo Bill.

”If he didn’t exist we would have had to make him up”

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